Film Productions

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Shorts, features & documentaries.

Film Festivals

Internet and electronic services, organization, management, administration and artistic directing of film festivals in local and international level.

Theatrical Trailers & Performances

 theatrical trailersProduction of theatrical promotion trailers and performance videos.


EventsAudiovisual recording, processing and production of digital content covering cultural, academic, social and business events of any type such as conferences, ceremonies, exhibitions, presentations, meetings, concerts, festivals, shows, forums, seminars, games, sports etc

 Music Videos

musicvideosArtistic video clips for music artists, singers, bands, groups etc


e-serviceswww Design, development, hosting, administration, management & maintenance of websites, e-shops, e-portals and other Internet applications and electronic services applied to business, tourist and cultural sectors.     


Adv./Promo Spots

advspots Promotional & educational digital content for corporate & private products & services.

Filmmaking & Audiovisual Services

audiovisualServicesAvalonTechnical services for filmmaking & video productions provided as partners or third party providers to other producers or end customers.


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