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Short Film (2013) - Drama - 13'

In the time of economical crisis, two men, two opposite sides of the same coin, flipping in an internal gambling of survival.


Written and Directed by : Haris Gioulatos


Actors : Meletis Georgiadis, Panos Tzinos

Director of Photography : Antonis 'Axe' Apostolou

Assistant DP : Elena Papastavrou

Sound Design : Antonis Koutelias

Editing : Thanos Kermitsis

Music : Nikos Vogiatzakis

Set Design/Costumes : Mikela Tsontzou
Μake up Artist : Maria Iliaki
Director Assistant : Dimitra Theodoropoulou
Script : Mia Kalintzoglou
Μaking of : George Ktistakis
Production Assistants : Irene Vouzoukidi, Konstantinos Polizos, Keti Limperopoulou, Christos Skarlatos
Stills : Manolis Kermitsis
Production : Avalon Αvalon Audiovisual Digital Productions/e-services

Best Short Film.

2nd Ionian International Digital Film Festival October 2013

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